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Heal Your Emotional Heart, Today

Heal Your Emotional Heart

Have you ever felt betrayed, hurt or disappointed by another person? Harboring feelings inflicted by another will keep us in a negative self-image because we begin to identify with what someone else has done or said to us. A few weeks ago I went to Hawaii to visit an old male friend who was interested in exploring our compatibility. We had an amazing first week together, then I started to notice little actions on his part that were not serving me. He became unreliable, unresponsive and distant. I responded by feeling hurt, stating my hurt and asking why this person was not showing up for me.

This person could not give me what I needed because he was going through some major healing of his own after a long relationship.Instead of finding love with him, I found a new love of myself in which I was able to say NO, change my reactions, and make decisions on the rest of the trip to take care of myself, not waiting for this person to show up. My past self would have felt rejected, hurt and dissapointed. But instead, I found myself recognizing that his traits and actions had no influence on who I know to be as a person and what I deserve. I changed when I least expected and feel stronger than ever in my ability to choose what supports me. 

By separating yourself from the pain and hurtful remarks inflicted upon by others, we are able to see it as a memory, and not hold on to the feeling which will only limit and sabotage us from living full and meaningful lives. In doing so, you change your vibration and create a new self-image, attracting relationships that will be loving and supportive. Instead of saying “I am hurt”, I am now saying “That did not serve me and I am okay to move on and surround myself with people that do.” As we reframe old beliefs with new ones, change what we think about what someone else’s remarks or actions mean, let go of toxic ties, forgive others and oneself, we are able to be happier whether we are with or without someone in our lives. The feeling is something we create. Our goal is to be left with the memory and no pain at all.

How Bodywork, Wellness Counseling and Heart Centered Therapy Services can support you in Healing your Emotional Heart.

I am so impressed by the courageousness of some of my clients who have sought out bodywork services with me in order to heal physical ailments that they know are associated with past emotional trauma.  Self-acceptance, being able to let go of the past, the ability to ask for what they need or to speak what is on their mind are just some of the positive new changes that I have witnessed. Bodywork also can allow for a safe and nurturing touch to enter one’s life, by releasing old aches associated with painful memories.

Wellness Counseling attracts healthy individuals who seek change, but are feeling stuck or can’t seem to stop unwanted behavior patterns. Wellness Counseling asks questions to help reframe thoughts, behaviors and circumstances in achieving what a person wants or how they want to perceive a situation or a part of thyself. Individuals who aspire toward further self-fulfillment, but do not require psychologcial services for treatment of diagnosable conditions. Tap into your higher self to find clarity and achieve what you want in life.

Heart Centered Therapy is a loving and gentle approach to emotional healing, holding profound insight into the “Psychology of the Human Heart.” HCT involves dialogue techniques that bring healing to our deepest spiritual-emotional wounds that have blocked us from realizing our full potential and purpose in life. The healing involves not only the individual, but everyone that has been involved in the trauma, embracing the immediate family, lineage, and the collective consciousness through transformation of the whole being.

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