Jen069Hi! My name is Jennifer Andrea. For the past 13 years I have conducted speaking engagements and provided services for women offering a fresh, natural approach to creating healthy breasts and bodies through learning the benefits and technique of lymphatic breast massage education. These techniques help to decrease symptoms of benign breast conditions and may provide a measure against breast cancer in helping to rid the breast tissue of toxic waste material. I also believe that there is an emotional component to breast related conditions. The understanding of an emotional component has come from my own breast pain, skin cancer and digestive issues that I believe stem from a deep inner healing which was projected through a pattern of relationships I attracted in my early 20’s and 30’s.

I attracted relationships with men who were emotionally unavailable, controlling and verbally abusive. I now see I went through these relationships to heal my own inner wounds from childhood abandonment. This created feelings of not being good enough. As I heal the old beliefs and behaviors of myself and take care of myself, I am attracting healthier relationships and establishing a new belief system within myself which embodies my true inner essence. It is my purpose to assist others in the process.

As women’s health and wellness service provider and educator, I provide
personal development consulting, somatic/emotional healing sessions, and
workshops for women and girls, I am here to assist women who are feeling
stuck and want to release or reframe old beliefs and negative emotions. I
specifically drawn to guide women who have felt unloved or criticized
in their romantic relationships, or who have attracted relationships in which they feel that their true value and worth was not recognized.
I will assist you on the path to cultivating self love, healing your emotional
heart, and discovering your own personal power, value and self worth.
“The More we Love Ourselves, the greater the Correlation to Our Good Health”
As a personal development coach and speaker for women and girls, I not only speak to women’s groups regarding a natural approach to breast care, but I also assist women in cultivating self love, healing your heart from toxic, unavailable men, and discovering your own personal power, value and self worth. The goal for you is to have dynamic and fulfilling lives with purpose, financial independence, healthy partnerships and most of all a love of yourself that is untouchable. I offer support tools for healthy functional adults who need a boost to help the move past these self negating beliefs and thoughts, using a step by step process based on my own healing journey, internal guidance, a degree in Psychology and wellness approaches I have received certification and training in such as Untherapy and Heart Centered Therapy.

In 2000, I started Ho’ano. Ho’ano is a Hawaiian word that means to “make your sacred vision a reality.” Ho’ano provides products and services to inspire women in caring for their mind and body in promoting health and well being. The Ho’ano vision is to create a new paradigm of women and girls who care for their mind, body and spirit in cultivating self-love, healthy relationships, and change the way we perceive and care for our bodies in promoting breast wellness.

At Ho’ano we offer a complementary menu of services promoting health, relaxation, beauty, education and personal empowerment.

– Organic body and skin care products
– Booby Talk presentations. Offering a fresh, natural approach to keeping happy, healthy breasts for a lifetime by educating women about ways to promote breast health with healthy breast massage
– Counseling and coaching services to empower a woman’s personal development and emotional healing
– Offering general services of therapeutic massage therapy
– Lymphatic drainage therapy for face, body, women’s health and post op breast cancer recovery
– Offering combo sessions of massage and coaching to create a powerful healing session catered to your physical and emotional well being.

I am committed to providing value content articles and videos to help inspire, heal, reflect in supporting you to be the most radiant woman, living healthy and living your dreams. I am available for coaching and wellness counseling/ speaking engagements, and somatic body work to assist women in their transformational healing. I can be contacted via my website below.

I invite you to visit our site at

In Love and Light,
Jennifer Andrea


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