Where do you find Inspiration?

Inspiration is a gift that comes to each one of us to help us move through this life and the ultimate path of which we were meant to follow. Whether we recognize it or not, these precious blessings can come to us in many forms. For example; observing the beautiful qualities of a friend or lover, the guidance of a mentor, the life of a person who has overcome his/her disabilities, a socially responsible mission that helps humanity at large, a beautiful place in the world or a piece of music or art. Be grateful to whoever or whatever it is that inspires and motivates you, as this makes life worth living. Through inspiration we are reminded of our own uniqueness which ignites the dream of a deeper calling that we are creating in this lifetime.

I recently had a personal experience in which I was inspired by a man in my life. He has cultural qualities that I want to create in myself. This includes knowledge and experience of different countries and a variety of languages. He has also taught me how one person can make a difference. He connected with all his friends in the city and collected three large bags of shoes to donate to a project to help inner city kids. He has shown me determination in achieving what he wants in life by honoring his truth. Finally, this man has reminded me of the most important thing which is my self-worth. Our connection inspires me to love myself and honor what I hold true for me. Our interactions with others can sometimes be a reminder of what we need to value within ourselves. They become an opportunity for communication of our own needs.

Through inspiration, we are reminded of the pieces of ourselves that define who we are and where we are going. Inspiration brings us back to our core being and truth. Like the artist who starts with a canvas, the foundation of her inspiration. She then enhances the piece with a story of colors and textures. Her final masterpiece then invokes emotion and connects with a part of us and our vision. It is my vision to inspire women to listen and communicate the voice of your heart and honor your truth. By doing so we maintain a healthy emotional well-being. The more we love oneself the greater connection to our physical health.

The author, Jennifer Andrea is the founder of Ho’ano which means to ‘make your sacred vision a reality’. The Ho’ano vision is to empower women to love oneself, cultivate healthy relationships, manifest one’s dreams and change the way we think and care for breasts in promoting breast wellness. We offer innovative methods to inspire individuals to care for their mind and body in promoting health and well-being. Visit our site at Hoano.com


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